We are thrilled to announce the launch of Water Cycle Adventure, the fifth book in our original Puppet Stories children's book and puppet show series! Suitable for children aged 3 to 9, this is the latest instalment in the popular books created by our very own Marguerite Venter.

Water Cycle Adventure follows the now-familiar character Geo and his new friend, the imaginative and story-loving Thalie, as they set off to learn about water. With the help of friends like Sunny the Sun, Fluffy the Cloud and Uncle Mthi the Big Old Tree they learn to appreciate water and make a vital discovery - that the Water Cycle and the Life Cycle are the same!

When Thalie and Geo go home, they soon see ways that the natural world affects their water at home, and how they can save water at home to help the natural world.

“My motivation to create this book was to get children to know where their water comes from and then, hopefully, create a better understanding of what it takes to get the water to their tap. In doing so, I hope to create more appreciation for water. Writing of Water Cycle Adventure began before the Cape Town drought crisis became so severe, so it is really by chance that we have the opportunity to spread a message that is more relevant than ever.” – Marguerite Venter, author of Water Cycle Adventure

Water Cycle Adventure is also available in Afrikaans - Watersiklus Avontuur.

Get all the books!

We have sold more than 33 000 copies of the Puppet Stories series over the last few years. These books are wonderful companions to our in-house and outreach Puppet Stories programme, and are especially loved by children who are familiar with the Aquarium and its creatures.

You can purchase all five Puppet Stories books here at the Aquarium or online - they retail at R55 each. Click here to buy yours now.

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