20 April 2012

2012 Waddle for a Week Day 4 (19 April 2012): Kleinmond to Betty’s Bay

Katja Rockstroh

Two Oceans Aquarium Environmental Education Centre PA to the Head of Education, Katja Rockstroh, has joined Two Oceans Aquarium Senior Bird Trainer, Hayley McLellan, and uShaka Sea World’s, Gabby Harris, as they Waddle for a Week for the African penguin, again. She’ll be live-blogging and tweeting about the waddle on the road!

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It had been a rough three days for the waddlers and everybody really needed to rest their aching legs. Die Rotse in Kleinmond was just the place for that. The third house to ever have been built in Kleinmond has been converted into a wonderful guesthouse with amazing seaviews and beautiful rooms.

A huge thank you to Werner and Lorraine for being so helpful and accommodating!

Our longest stretch yet started at the Arabella Country Estate where Anton Meiring, the rooms division manager, organised some coffee and tea for us to get the waddlers energised for the long day. Thank you Anton!

All of us had dreaded today a little as 29km sounded like a huge feat. However, the weather was playing along and the waddlers were in high spirits and managed their first 4km of the day in no time.

There was also some time for silly poses and important messaging!

Arriving in Kleinmond and already a third of the way completed, the waddling ladies had a surprise waiting for them at Kleinmond Primary School.

The whole school was waiting outside for us, cheering the waddlers on as they walked towards the school. Once there, some goodie bags were waiting for us (thank you Celeste from Whale Coast Conservation) and two learners handed over a donation to SANCCOB after thanking us for what we are doing.

Filled with coins and notes, the school children of Kleinmond Primary had put together a donation to help the endangered African black-footed Penguin. Marguerite will be taking this with her when she returns to work and will make sure it will be out to good use.

Leaving Kleinmond, the waddlers were joined by six Kleinmond Super Spar staff members, who decided to walk an 4km with us. We would like to thank them for all of their support and for flying our flag (or should I say, sign) high!

As if spurned by the last three days, the ladies made it to Betty’s Bay in record time. After a quick stop at the Barrel Bar & Grill and a very generous sponsorship of beverages from Bonnie, it seemed that some of our waddlers gained even more energy and ran part of the way. These are truly super-women!

And even though not everyone ran, it is still amazing to see broad smiles on their faces even though they have walked, overall, close to 100km at this stage.

We were joined by a group of Betty’s Bay residents and their children for the last 4km to Stony Point.

Stony Point is one of the African black-footed Penguin colonies along our coast, home to about 7 500 penguins. Of these, around 3 000 are breeding penguins. It is a beautiful area and well worth a visit!

The waddlers and all of the homeschoolers got to listen to some stories from Cuan McGeorge, who works at Stony Point and generously waivered the entry fee for us. One can see that Cuan is very dedicated to his job and that the African Black-footed penguin holds a special place in his heart.

And speaking of the bird that we are all doing this for, here is just one of the many waddling around at Stony Point. Only 60 000 of these beautiful birds remain in the wild. They are threatened by overfishing, habitat destruction and global warming. So here is my challenge to you: What is your penguin promise? Waddle you do to save the African black-footed penguin?

Joins us tomorrow for our fifth stretch of 11km! We will start at 10h00 at Bikini Beach in Gordon’s Bay and will end off at Somerset Mall.

Thank you to our sponsors!

The Waddle for a Week campaign is a labour of love and would not have been possible without the following sponsors:

Cape Nature
Chrysler Jeep Dodge 

Two Oceans Aquarium
uShaka Sea World

Accommodation along the way

Boulders Beach Lodge
The Great Whitehouse
Windsor Hotel
Mosaic Farm
Aandkoor Guest House
White Shark Guest House
Die Rotse

Penguin Promises web design and sponsor

SRE Developments



Join in on the Waddle, or the conversation

Come Waddle with us on the final day on Saturday 21 April 2012 for a 15km stroll.

Where: Muizenberg (Surfer’s Corner at 09h00) to Simon’s Town (Boulders Beach).

Wear: Black and white in support of African penguins.

Bring: Sunhats, sunscreen, a spirit of fun! Friends, families and dogs for walking.

Tell: The world how important this species is!

Make: A penguin promise (use eco-friendly cleaners, recycle, refuse plastic bags, save water).

See: www.penguinpromises.com for more info on African penguins and 2012 Waddle.

Stay in touch: For daily Waddle updates, follow us on Twitter (@2OceansAquarium) (join the conversation by adding #waddle to your tweets of encouragement and support!) and become a fan on Facebook.

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