Join us on the last day!

Our Waddle for a Week campaign is meant to inspire those we encounter to take action in their lives that will be for the good of the environment, and of course the African penguin. We call this pledge to take action a "Penguin Promise". Come be part of our Penguin Promise by joining the last leg of the Waddle at 8:30am on Saturday 13 May at Surfer's Corner in Muizenberg and walking with us to Simon's Town. Wear your black and white gear, bring the family, bring your camera, bring your cat, bring your friends. Let's spread the message together!

From 8 to 13 May 2017, 16 committed penguin lovers are walking more than 125km from Gansbaai to Boulders Beach, Simon's Town. What’s the goal of this meander? To raise awareness for the plight of the endangered African penguin. We hope to inspire and encourage those we encounter along the way to make a "Penguin Promise" - a small lifestyle change that will make a big positive impact on the state of our oceans. Penguins are an indicator species, meaning that their decline is a result of damage to the entire ecosystem and that making changes that are good for penguins will be good for other animals too, including humans. This is the seventh annual Penguin Promises Waddle for a Week campaign, supported by the Two Oceans Aquarium and the South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR).

After our emotional afternoon of Day 4, ending at the Stony Point African penguin colony, it was time for the Waddle to move a bit closer to Cape Town. From Betty's Bay, the waddlers travelled to Gordon's Bay in our Waddle Wagon (proudly sponsored by De Kat Safaris and branded for the Waddle by XXL Brand Solutions). It was sad to leave behind the Whale Coast, its beautiful views and adorable wild penguins, but we knew it was time to take our Penguin Promises message into False Bay, and closer to our final destination.

Thanks for the use of your vehicle De Kat Safari, and for the awesome signage XXL Brand Solutions.

The waddlers were blessed to be able to spend the night at the luxurious Manor on the Bay in Gordon's Bay, which has been an ongoing suppporter of the Waddle for a Week, and share our goal of a sustainable future. After 102km, this slice of heaven was what our waddlers needed to become re-energised for the final stretch.

Thank you for the amazing hospitality Manor on the Bay.

Our waddlers left the Manor on the Bay bright and early - dressed to gain attention this "Funky Friday", our goal was to make every second count and do as much good as possible over this short stretch. We only had 10km to spread our message after all.

On our way through Gordon's Bay and Strand, we tried to do a bit more than simply collect hoots and give out information cards, we wanted to show the community how much impact Penguin Promises could have. We did this by picking up litter along our route.

In under 10km, we had already filled five refuse bags with waste. All of that would be blown into the ocean at some point if not collected - imagine how much plastic is spread over the thousands of roadways over tens of years in South Africa? Still think your disposable drinking straw is a good idea?

We filled five refuse bags in just a short stretch - imagine how much litter blows into the ocean.

We were once again fortunate to be walking through communities that were excited to learn about our mission, and willing to embrace our goals. We received over 700 hoots in support of the African penguin and Penguin Promises.

Day five, goodbye! On to the Peninsula!

It was an incredible day, despite being a short one. Our waddlers are excited to have the public join us on the final stretch of the Waddle tomorrow from Surfer's Corner in Muizenberg to Boulders Beach in Simon's Town. Please meet us at 8:30am at Surfer's Corner if you'd like to tag along!

Time for a stretch. We need to keep those Waddle muscles in prime shape for just one more day.

Making a Penguin Promise

Throughout our waddle, we are all lucky enough to have the chance to chat and reflect on ways we can make small changes in our lives that will collectively have a positive impact on our environment. These Penguin Promises of ours will be shared with you all soon.

For now though, we ask that our followers please consider what their own penguin promise could be and share their thoughts on social media using #penguinpromises (and tagging #waddle2017 if you want to give our waddlers some extra motivation) or by logging it online. These promises can be as simple as saying no to drinking straws - if we all do something small it adds up.

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