We are excited to add a brand new component to the 2017 Penguin Promises Waddle for a Week: an educational outreach programme, including puppet shows for little ones and interactive Smart Living lessons for older kids along the Waddle route will be offered to learners while the Waddle is happening.

SPAR have long felt a corporate responsibility to raise environmental awareness and promote the care of our oceans, and have been generous enough to fully sponsor this new outreach campaign. This sponsorship from SPAR is allowing the Two Oceans Aquarium’s dedicated outreach team to be able to visit five schools along the route, bringing the learners wonderful interactive activities and lessons, all with one goal – nurturing a sustainable generation.

“Engaging with enthusiastic learners along the way has always been a highlight for the team and, this year, being able to deploy the Two Oceans Aquarium outreach programmes in support of the Waddle will serve to amplify our call to all to take action.” – Hayley McLellan, #Waddle2017 co-ordinator and Two Oceans Aquarium Environmental Campaigner

Smart Living

The Smart Living outreach programme is about teaching children the value of living sustainably in everyday life. “In the environment, everything’s linked, so looking after one aspect helps the other” is something that our passionate outreach teacher, Anzio Abels, will be quick to tell you.

As part of the Waddle, youth will be taught about the importance of biodiversity conservation, highlighting the role of the African penguins in the ecosystem, and the threats they face. With this in mind, learners will be encouraged to explore ways that they can positively contribute to conservation and protection of all biodiversity through simple life choices.

Our Smart Living Outreach vehicle is able to bring a mobile classroom to any place.

Run from the mobile Smart Living Outreach Vehicle, lessons are presented in a visually rich and hands-on manner, with a focus on grade 6 and 7 learners. This fun and interactive approach ensures that we leave a lasting message with the learners.

Puppet Stories

With Foundation Phase learners in mind, interactive puppet shows are a fun and relatable way for children to engage with the environmental issues we are faced with today. The lovable character Peter the African Penguin may teach them the value of clean water and what they can do to keep it that way, while Sally the Seal and Hatch the Turtle expose the danger of pollution faced by marine life on our coasts. Thanks to SPAR, each child will receive a 24-page full-colour story book allowing them to take home their favourite puppet show characters and the lessons they learned.

This story book provided to learners from participating schools allows the children to take the message home thanks to SPAR.

Marguerite Venter, the Two Oceans Aquarium Puppet Story Producer, has this to say: “Our puppet shows and storybooks are the most magnificent tool when it comes to teaching the younger generations. Our aim is always to firstly create an awareness of the environment, and secondly to provide them with easy tasks that they can do to help the environment. The storybooks help facilitate the repetitive learning process of information learnt in the puppet show. Through repetition this environmental information becomes part of the foundation that forms the root of the adults they will become. We are extremely grateful that SPAR has made it possible for us to take the 'I Live Smart' puppet show and story books to young learners, and we are super excited to teach them about our African penguin heritage and water conservation at the same time.”

The memorable characters in our Puppet Stories help young children to remember the message of environmental responsibility we encourage.

Bringing the Mobile Puppet Show to the Waddle for a Week 2017 is just one more way we can help save the African Penguin, and show the youth how they can make a difference. Our puppeteers Zingisa Mgumane, Rafee’ah Ismail and Aisha Martin are excited to make an impact on these young lives – learn more about them here.

“SPAR Western Cape is proud to partner with Two Oceans Aquarium on the annual Waddle for a Week. Raising awareness of the need to care for our environment is always close to our heart and ensuring the health and wellbeing of our oceans is of paramount importance. The outreach component to the Waddle this year ticks all boxes as it speaks to our younger supporters and the choices that they make,” said SPAR Western Cape Advertising Manager Elsabe van Zyl.

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