Unlimited access is a great perk of being a member - but what does that really mean? It means more time to experience every aspect of our exhibits. It means more time to let the kids see the sights. And, it means more time to appreciate the little things.

Take a look at this amazing virtual tour of the Two Oceans Aquarium (best viewed on a phone) - to use this simply hold your phone landscape, play the video in full screen and move it around to look in any direction:

Thanks for making this amazing 3D experience Munashe Nash Makado.

Being able to take your time and revisit things throughout the year is the perfect way to notice the small things, and enjoy the ever-changing exhibits. Most people love the agile sharks, giant stingrays, charismatic turtles and the adorable penguins - but there is an infinite world of beauty in the smaller animals and exhibits too.

For the price of just two and a half tickets, you get unlimited access for a year - plus loads of other amazing perks.

Become a Two Oceans Aquarium member today.

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