18 April 2013

UCT Underwater Club presents: The Bottom Line

The UCT Underwater Club presents world-class speakers who have come together to tackle some of the world’s most complex environmental problems, taking place right off our own coastline.

Speakers will be discussing issues of sustainability, criminology, compliance, fear of marine predators and how much protection these predators need from us, over-fishing, economic and industry pressure, consumer awareness, conservation, challenges to environmental policy in the face of a growing urban environment, international law in the face of climate change, and innovative new ways of using cheaply available technology to monitor and protect the creatures living off our beautiful coast.

The first talk will be held this Friday, 19 April. See below for the full schedule.

What’s the big deal about fish?

According to the United Nations, over 75 percent of the world’s fisheries are fully exploited, over-exploited or significantly depleted. Some species have already been fished to commercial extinction; many more are on the verge.

What should you be doing to make sure it doesn’t become an even bigger deal?

Join us at UCT, where we discuss these issues and more, presenting local problems with local solutions that have worldwide ramifications.

Drinks and snacks will be on offer.

UCT Upper Campus, Arts Block, Lecture Theatre 100

For more information, contact Charlotte on charlotte.uwc@gmail.com or 078 404 0013.

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