One of the most vital educational roles that the Two Oceans Aquarium plays, is helping children to explore the natural world around them. Following the success of last year's Wetlands Outreach Programme, the Aquarium's Environmental Education team once again took to the road to give 304 children from Cape Town's Khayelitsha community a deeper look into the wetland ecosystem at the heart of their home. Wetlands are not just pretty to look at, they are vital for a healthy planet and a healthy city.

The children who took part in this learning experience had the chance to learn about wetland ecosystems at the Khayelitsha Wetland Park, a central landmark in their community, and then take samples they collected themselves back to the Aquarium's Discovery Centre, where they could take a closer look at the microscopic animals that call the water home.

For the 304 children from Ntwasahlobo Primary, Ikhusi Primary, Nkazimlo Primary, Nomsa Maphongwane Primary and Mtha Welanga Primary Schools that took part, this was certainly a unique look into the depths of nature - we know that from this group, part of South Africa's future generation of conservationists, life scientists and environmental ambassadors will emerge.

This wonderful opportunity was made possible by the contributions to the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation from your tickets and donations. We would like to thank everyone who has supported this initiative, by swiping their MySchool card in support of environmental education or by making a direct contribution. Please email us at if you would like to support this initiative.

Booking an outreach visit to your school from the Aquarium's team is simple. We have three lessons that are on the road fulltime, ready to bring valuable insight to children of all ages: The Oceans in Motion mobile aquarium with ecology lessons including live animals, Smart Living which teaches valuable sustainable living lessons, and Puppet Stories which share fun, interactive stories with valuable environmental morals.

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