23 May 2014

VIDEO: The story of June

Renée Leeuwner

In June of 2013 the Two Oceans Aquarium received a call about a large green sea turtle that was stranded on Noordhoek beach. She was suffering from a respiratory infection and was thin and exhausted. She was affectionately named June and Dr Georgina Cole, our resident vet, started her rehabilitation process.

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A very weak 70kg June, when she first arrived

Green turtles are one of the largest sea turtles and are herbivorous as adults. They can weigh up to 190kg. Classified as endangered, green turtles are threatened by overharvesting of their eggs, hunting of adults, being caught in fishing gear and loss of beach nesting sites. June is believed to be a mature female, so her rehabilitation and release was vitally important.

In March 2014 June had recovered to the point where she could be moved to uShaka Sea World in Durban. Her feeding was increased to ensure weight gain. She would also be spending time in the same warmer waters that she would eventually be released into.

A healthy, happy June itching to get back in the water

On 15 May June’s big day arrived. Dr Cole and Nic Nicolle, Two Oceans Aquarium Quarantine Aquarist, flew to Durban to assist in the release. June was tagged, microchipped and released in Sodwana Bay.

Watch her journey here:

The Two Oceans Aquarium would like to thank the following people, who made June’s rehabilitation and release such a great success:

  • Two Oceans Aquarium staff for their dedication in looking after and rehabilitating June
  • uShaka Sea World veterinary and quarantine staff for looking after her from March to May
  • uShaka Sea World collections staff for organising June’s release
  • Da Blu Juice dive operator for providing a boat and skipper for the release

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