You can't help but feel that there is "more" when you experience the wonder of the ocean - perhaps you feel a greater connection to the earth, awe at how small we are in the face of nature's bounty or a sense of spiritual revelation. To share the past month's highlights with you, we thought that Numinous by poet Yahia Lababidi would be an excellent theme. Enjoy.

Where land and ocean greet
a living Mandala
a magic carpet
a sacred mosaic

Sands sprout small legs and sideways dance
shells intricately-wrought delicately glide by

Fallen stars festoon water’s windswept gown
pebbles glisten, or glitter as precious stones
on a sublime neckline

Ocean surface a liquid sky
a great glass ceiling
to a fluid wonder world

Now, through a looking glass, gaze deeply
onto a strangely illumined, meditative existence
(where sound is swallowed whole)

A silent motion picture featuring
otherworldly cast of characters
of Infinite variety and beauty

Dramatic dreamscapes and fantastic gardens
living coral atop skeletons of past generations
palimpsest upon which ocean story is inscribed
coral bones to body of water

Communal castles of Life and Death
these reefs turn none away
home to a profusion of color-forms
exercises in poetic precision
or deliberate imagination.

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