20 February 2012

TEDxSeaPoint: Who moved my sushi?

Stuart Dickinson
Ocean conservationist Mike Markovina. Image courtesy TEDx.

Can we save our marine resources through ingenious thought, idea-sharing and multi-disciplined lateral thinking? For Mike Markovina, passionate ocean conservationist and coordinator of the upcoming TEDxSeaPoint event, the answer is a resounding yes. Agreed, the state of our oceans is cause for concern. Overfishing is commonplace, pollution is rampant and loss of species is a stark reality – but it’s not all bad news.

In trying to prevent the disastrous collapse of our ocean ecosystems, individuals like Mike have gained treasured knowledge from their journeys, research and experiences. They aim to share this information with the world to bring about positive change in the marine environment, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Beyond the shroud of pessimism you’ll see that change is happening all around us, and this is precisely what TEDxSeaPoint hopes to convey on 24 March 2012 through a series of talks themed, “Who moved my sushi?” The event takes place at the V&A Waterfront, in the BMW pavilion.

Image courtesy Moving Sushi.

Senior bird trainer at the Two Oceans Aquarium Hayley McLellan joins an impressive and influential list of speakers to lend her wisdom to the event. She is a firm believer that many people making a few tiny lifestyle changes will make an enormous difference to the bigger picture, and she strives to communicate this idea to as many people she can, as often as possible. 

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Two Oceans Aquarium teacher Khonzani Lembeni will also be presenting a talk. Khonzani is passionate about introducing the magic of the oceans to those who’ve never had access to it before. As such, he is a key and inspiring member of the Two Oceans Aquarium’s Environmental Education Centre team.

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Hayley is also joined by renowned free-diver and founder of the I AM WATER Conservation Trust Hanli Prinsloo, as well as the producer of the Aquarium’s Plastikos exhibition, Simon Max Bannister, who is well known for his exploration of plastic litter and how it relates to the environment.

Senior bird trainer at the Two Oceans Aquarium Hayley McLellan. Image courtesy TEDx.

Speaking ahead of the event, Mike explains that our oceans are in a deplorable state, and that if we do not implement holistic fishery management plans we will not only lose vital species, but cultures, livelihoods and traditions as well.

“[TEDxSeaPoint] is a platform for Africa to show what we have in terms of inspiring ideas and initiatives, and where we can take this forward. In the next five years, maybe one of the best solutions globally [could] come from this type of platform.”

As he often says, “We as humans are the problem, but we are also the solution.”

Become part of the solution at TEDxSeaPoint 2012.

When: 24 March 2012

Where: BMW Pavilion, V&A Waterfront

Cost: R300 per person

Click here to buy your ticket.

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