I had my reservations when I initially signed up for the Smart Living Course. After all, I mean, with all the schoolwork I have, does anyone really want to sit in a boring classroom on a weekend? But I was pleasantly surprised when attending the course. 

To best explain what the course entails, I thought I’d use the word SMART as an acronym.

S – Sustainability. We only have one planet and unless we begin to seriously think about preservation and conservation, we will not have any natural resources left. Things we take for granted, like clean drinking water, and plant and animal life, would all be a thing of the past.

Photo courtesy of owl_books

M – Marine life. During our excursions to the beach, we were introduced to the unique biodiversity that exists in our beautiful city, Cape Town. We got to see many different sea creatures, but were also appalled to find so much refuse and rubbish strewn across our beautiful beaches.

A – Activism. It is one thing to learn about conservation, but it counts for nothing unless we act now. We have to become active in the fight against pollution, illegal dumping and so many other social ills. Whilst on the course, we engaged in many initiatives such as beach clean-ups. If one thing's for sure, we all have a part to play and unless we work together our planet faces the prospect of extinction.

Photo courtesy of owl_books

R – Reuse, reduce and recycle. The 3 Rs are still as relevant and important now as they were when first introduced.

T – Trendy. Going green is fashionable and trendy. It’s cool to be involved in doing something positive and making a constructive contribution.

But just when you thought it’s all work and no play, the course culminates in a weekend away on camp. We got to visit a few ecological initiatives such as a landfill site. All in all, I can truly say that although I’m smarter for having attended this course, it has also been great fun. So why don’t you also do the SMART thing and enrol for the next course?

Be a smart kid and attend the Smart Living Course. Photo courtesy of owl_books

Our next free Smart Living course for Grade 7s will take place in May 2015. Please contact Katja at education@aquarium.co.za for details on how to book. 

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