18 July 2011

Shoreline Café at the Two Oceans Aquarium becomes first MSC-certified restaurant in Africa

Two Oceans Aquarium

On 19 July 2011, Shoreline Café at the Two Oceans Aquarium became the first restaurant in Africa to be awarded Chain-of-Custody certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) . 

“We are thrilled with and honoured by the recognition we have received from the MSC with regards to the sustainable seafood initiatives in Shoreline Café. As an aquarium we are very much aware of the state of fish stocks around the globe and therefore it is imperative that we lead by example and raise awareness amongst and educate our visitors. Our vision is to foster love, respect and understanding of our oceans to inspire support for their future well-being. We cannot do this effectively or with credibility if any of our own operations impact negatively on the marine environment” said Two Oceans Aquarium Communications and Sustainability Manager Helen Lockhart.

The certification process began in November 2010 when Shoreline Café was nominated to receive assistance from the MSC in order for it to become the first MSC certified restaurant in Africa. Shoreline then underwent an independent audit by MacAlister Elliot & Partners, during which the seafood suppliers to the restaurant were investigated as well as the system associated with the ordering process.  Shoreline’s head chef, Juan de Allende, who played a key role in the process, said “The auditors looked at the traceability of our ordering system by checking each and every invoice to ensure that they could trace the seafood right back to the fishery. This gives our customers the assurance that the seafood we serve is indeed from an MSC-certified fishery”. He added that the audit was made easier by the fact that Shoreline Café only sells seafood which is listed as green by the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative .

Shoreline Café, the family-oriented restaurant owned and managed by the Two Oceans Aquarium, opened in 2007. From the outset, management of the Aquarium committed to including only SASSI green-listed seafood species on the Shoreline menu. The MSC certification now entitles Shoreline Café to use the MSC logo for all MSC-certified products sold in the restaurant, such as South African trawl-caught hake, and gives consumers independent assurance that the product is traceable back through the seafood supply chain to the sustainable fishery that caught it. In this way, the MSC enables consumers and seafood buyers around the world to make the best environmental choice in seafood.

Shoreline Café is not only committed to serving seafood from sustainable fisheries, but has adopted a number of other green initiatives in order to reduce its impact on the environment. Recycling, biodegradable straws, converting used cooking oil into biodiesel and soap,  and two small worm farms are some of the current initiatives, but the restaurant is constantly striving to introduce others which are environmentally-friendly.

As a family-oriented venue, Shoreline Café is one of only two restaurants in the V&A Waterfront to house a dedicated children’s play centre complete with ‘’grass’’ and funky, durable made-for-kids furniture and playground apparatus, enabling kids to play safely under the supervised eye of trained staff while parents enjoy a delicious meal and a well-earned break.

For more information please contact:

Helen Lockhart
Communications & Sustainability Manager
Two Oceans Aquarium
Website: www.aquarium.co.za

Rick Viljoen
Restaurant Manager
Shoreline Cafe
Two Oceans Aquarium
Tel:+27 21 418 3823
E mail: manager@shorelinecafe.co.za
Website: www.aquarium.co.za

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