30 June 2011

Seriously wild: Scorpionfish

Laura Maggs
Image courtesy of Joe_R

The scorpionfish is a real tough guy!  Certain types of scorpionfish are considered to be some of the most venomous species in the world.

Even with his spines and spikes, the scorpionfish is magnificent to look at. Come and see our resident scorpionfish family during the school holidays (25 June to 17 July), when we’ll be showcasing all fish Weird, Wild and Wonderful!

There are many different types of scorpionfish, most of which are bottom-dwellers. They feed on crustaceans and smaller fish and ambush their prey by lurking in disguise – sneaky!

Ignore the grumpy looks on their faces and you’ll notice their beautiful patterning and fan-like fins.


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