10 May 2011

Video: SAPPI Seal Platform in action

Towards the end of 2010, the Two Oceans Aquarium was delighted to announce, along with founding partner Sappi, the opening of the Aquarium’s very own seal platform. The platform is used to isolate seals that may be injured or restricted by the various waste products that are found in the water near the harbour.

As the video below explains, certain materials that are discarded into the water can become the toys of seals, but they can easily turn into death traps. The platform now allows seals to be easily isolated using a special net, so that they can be helped:

Human waste causes so many problems with marine life, many of which are not anticipated when the waste is discarded. It is important to realise that the majority can be avoided. Following these simple guidelines can go a long way to preventing polluted water:

  • Repeat – Tell others that packaging kills and to cut any items that form nooses before throwing them away.
  • Refuse – Say “No” to packaging!
  • Reduce – The amount of waste you produce.
  • Re-use – Use your imagination, get creative!
  • Recycle – Plastic, tins, glass and paper.
  • Reconnect – Join a beach or river clean-up.
  • Remember – What we do on land, we do to the ocean. We are all connected.

Read more about the SAPPI Seal Platform here.

Read more about our conservation work with seals here.

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