19 July 2010

Rethinking our place in a changing world

Two Oceans Aquarium
Noel Ashton

Join us for the first public presentation of Journeys in Search of the Whale: Rethinking our Place in a Changing World by whale specialist Noel Ashton, which promises to be both a thought-provoking and inspiring experience.

When Archbishop Desmond Tutu launched the acclaimed Sacred Ocean anti-whaling campaign, an initiative of Noel Ashton and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), at the Two Oceans Aquarium in 2008, he set in motion a chain of events that has culminated in the transformative Journeys presentation.

The talk is happening on 12 August at 18h30 for 19h00 in the Metropolitan Health Group & Qualsa Think Tank Auditorium and entry costs R85 per person. Light snacks and a cash bar will be available after the presentation.

A lifetime in search of the whale has enabled Ashton to speak about these mysterious ocean mammals with a unique voice that finds expression through his artwork, scientific research and conservation initiatives. He now uses this voice to take the audience on a thought-provoking journey in search of the whale and the deeper issues influencing our relationship with the world, as well as on an exploration of the challenges and opportunities humanity faces at this pivotal moment in history. 

Journeys in Search of the Whale is one man’s quest to understand our complex relationship with the world around us. The talk is a sensory journey woven together with a powerful narrative inspired by a life alongside whales and the profound moments and deep insights gained over years of experience. 

Ashton remarks: “I have met countless dedicated and passionate people striving to save species and habitats across the globe. For them to succeed and our planet to heal, we must urgently seek answers by asking a new type of question: What is it that drives us as humans and informs our decisions, and how is it that we can disconnect so completely from the world around us and yet still hope for a better tomorrow?”

Journeys in Search of the Whale is a highly relevant, thought-provoking presentation which will inspire audiences and encourage them to reflect on their place in the world,” says the Aquarium’s Communications and Sustainability Manager Helen Lockhart. “Magnificent, emotive images together with Noel’s passionate storytelling ability make Journeys a powerful and engaging presentation that will appeal to a wide variety of audience [members].”

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