On 26 June 2018 locals, celebrities and environmentalists united at the Two Oceans Aquarium in partnership with Twyg, Stasher SA and The Beach Co-op to take a step towards creating positive awareness and change about the negative impact single-use plastic bags are having on our ocean.

More than 30 local celebrities are backing the #RethinkTheBag campaign and will be sharing their pledges to give up disposable plastic shopping bags for good throughout Plastic Free July - and YOU are encouraged to make a #RethinkTheBag pledge too.

This event, in support of the Two Oceans Aquarium's Rethink The Bag campaign, was organised by our Environmental Campaigner Hayley McLellan, Twyg's founder Jackie May, Aaniyah Omardien of The Beach Co-op and Brett Shearer and Jared Hartman of Stasher SA.

Meet the organisers - Brett Shearer (Stasher SA), Aaniyah Omardien (The Beach Co-op), Jackie May (Twyg), Hayley McLellan (Two Oceans Aquarium) and Jared Hartman (Stasher SA). Photo by Adrian de Kock.

“Take your shopping bag wherever you go, whenever you go shopping. You have to create a new habit, it takes a little bit of forethought in the beginning, eventually it just becomes normal, natural.” – Hayley McLellan

Zolani Mahola of Freshyground was the first celeb to make a #RethinkTheBag pledge this Plastic Free July.
"I refuse to buy or accept single-use plastic shopping bags. I will take my own reusable bags to the shops. Join me, and pledge to #RethinkTheBag.” - Siv Ngesi adds his voice to Plastic Free July.

"We as citizens can do a couple of things – we can certainly put pressure on retailers to reduce their packaging; we can definitely try and reduce our own consumption and also push for more recycling to happen; and then also to participate in beach clean-ups to make a difference that way – so those are the three things that we can do right now," stated Aaniyah Omardien. We agree wholeheartedly.

More than 30 local celebrities, like Jack Parow, are joining the movement and will be making their #RethinkTheBag pledges during Plastic Free July. Photo by Adrian de Kock.
Roxy Louw talks plastic. Photo by Adrian de Kock.
Africa Melane is one of those making a #RethinkTheBag pledge this month and was at the event to learn more about the state of plastic in our environment. Photo by Adrian de Kock.
An inspiring message from Rocco da Silva and Jerome Jacobs of The Future Kids. Photo by Adrian de Kock.
Janneke Blake (Shop Zero), Natasha Napoli (Nourish'd) and Elza Hart (Shop Zero). Photo by Adrian de Kock.

About the campaign partners


Twyg is a modern, eco-conscious South African lifestyle brand connecting fashion, food and the planet. Best of all, they share their message through real stories from real people that want to inspire us to lighten our footprint.

Stasher SA

Stasher is an award-winning product - a silicone bag that is sealable, reusable and environmentally friendly. Stasher can be used to carry your sandwiched to work, freeze leftovers or steam veggies in the microwave - the possibilities are endless. Stasher is launching their product line in South Africa in September 2018.

The Beach Co-op

The Beach Co-op is a Cape Town based volunteer group committed to keeping beaches clean, and connecting cleanup volunteers with scientific surveys so that every piece of trash collected contributes to the global body of knowledge about our ocean's health.

Your Rethink the Bag pledge

Photo by Adrian de Kock.

Now it's your turn to make a pledge and choose reusable alternatives to single-use plastic items. It's time to break up and end your unhealthy relationship with plastic. Here is how you can make your Rethink The Bag pledge and make your voice heard:

  • Go to the webpage and submit YOUR pledge online - join the Rethink The Bag family.
  • Post a photo or video of yourself on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram making a pledge and use #RethinkTheBag.
  • Last (but not least), live every day with an awareness of the plastic you are using and do your best to reduce.

You can do this!

Did you know?

The Two Oceans Aquarium is your venue with a view of the blue. Conferences, launch parties, cocktail functions - we host them all! Check out the details of our Functions offerings here.

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