The Two Oceans Aquarium offers a series of interactive Puppet Stories books, created by Marguerite Venter. These stories were specially written for children aged 3 to 9 who visit the Aquarium, and to form part of our Environmental Education Centre’s school visit programme. Each of these stories has a strong environmental lesson, helping teach the generation of the future how to care for our planet. The books are also a lovely way to extend a child’s experience of the Aquarium beyond the visit. These Puppet Stories are available as beautiful picture books that you can appreciate with your children.

Each Puppet Stories book offers a host of fun, colourful characters based on real South African animals.

Keep the Beach Clean

Keep the Beach Clean is the first book in the Puppet Stories series. It follows the adventures of Sally the Seal who accidentally eats a plastic bag left on the beach by a child. Sally’s underwater friends, like Peter the Penguin and Exo the Crab, try to help her get the bag out of her throat – teaching a lesson along the way.

Interactive dialogue helps you read this book along with your children, teaching them the valuable lesson about where litter ends up. A bunch of great activities at the end of the book, such as “Who eats what?” and “Brain tickles”, helps the learning and fun continue.

I Love Turtles

The second of the Puppet Stories books, I Love Turtles, follows Hatch the Turtle and the adventures he faces as a young hatchling. Throughout the book, Hatch meets a variety of other animals, like Edgar the Eagle, and he learns about the different types of animals.

Hatch also encounters marine litter, and has to be warned of the dangers it poses to his species. Beauty, the child character from the first book, is once again present to teach a lesson about the dangers plastic poses to marine life.

Even more fun lessons for you and your child come to life in I Love Turtles, such as the fun “Growing big and strong” activity, teaching kids about the lifecycle of turtles. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes towards the conservation work we do at the Two Oceans Aquarium’s turtle rehab-and-release facility.

I Live Smart

I Live Smart, the third book in the series, follows Beauty and her new friend Geo as they visit the Two Oceans Aquarium and get to know some of the animals. These animals, like Bruce the Shark, teach the kids about the interconnectedness of nature and how their lifestyles can impact all living things.

Together with your children, you can interact with the story of Geo and Beauty as they learn about the need to live smart and conserve our precious biodiversity, energy and water, and to reduce and recycle waste where possible.

The I Live Smart puppet show and book was produced in partnership with the City of Cape Town as part of the City’s Smart Living campaign. We also have a Smart Living educational outreach vehicle, as well the Smart Living Challenge Zone at the Aquarium, all of which aim to augment and support the work done by the City of Cape Town.

My Wild Pets

The most recent book in the series is My Wild Pets. In this story, Beauty encounters Sabah the Starfish and Hermit McDermitt, animals that have been brought from the wild to the Aquarium. Together with Geo, Beauty also meets some pet animals, like Buks the Dog, and learns the difference between wild and pet animals.

This book will help your child learn that wild animals are not pets, but that they deserve the same love and respect that we would show any animal. Lots of added “Brain Tickles” promise endless fun for you and your child.

Get all the books!

We have sold more than 20 000 copies of the Puppet Stories series over the last few years. These books are wonderful companions to our in-house and mobile Puppet Stories programme, and are especially loved by children who are familiar with the Aquarium and its creatures.

The thrice-daily puppet shows in the I&J Children’s Play Centre bring these stories to life.

You can purchase all four Puppet Stories books, in both English and Afrikaans, here at the Aquarium or online. They retail at R49 each. Click here to buy yours now.

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