Global awareness of the seriousness of plastic pollution and the need to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic products has reached Cape Town - consumers are demanding change. Here are local grocers and stores that make a completely plastic-free shopping experience possible for Capetonians.


Shop Zero (Woodstock):

Shop Zero does not brand itself simply as a grocery store, but also as a sustainable lifestyle support centre. From waste-free dry produce to a beautiful range of reusable coffee cups, there is something here for everyone - and likely also a workshop to help you use your newfound sustainability passion!

These beeswax sandwich wraps are one of our favourite reusable alternatives to clingwrap. Get them at Shop Zero.

Shop Zero uses their space for workshops and education as often as possible, helping connect people who want to live more sustainably. Their desire to educate is reflected in their product choices, for example, many people don't know that plastic is used to make tea bags, so their offerings of loose-leaf tea are a great conversation starter. Even their online orders are shipped with a conscience, packed in reused boxes and sealed with paper tape.

Waste-free shopping is a cool experience! No single-use packaging, bring a jar (or borrow one of theirs) to dispense exactly how much you need.

We think Shop Zero is the perfect stop for anyone beginning their plastic-free journey, seeking advice and looking at what options are available. It is also a great place to find sustainable gifts such as hand-carved toys, organic beard grooming kits and beeswax sandwich wraps. Check it out!

Every corner of Shop Zero has an interesting product, either to take home or to start a conversation with a passionate store assistant.

Find Shop Zero's pop-up store at the Woodstock Co-Op and keep an eye on their social media for their new store announcement. Shop online here.

Nude Foods (Zonnebloem):

Nude Foods, on Cape Town's Constitution Street, prides itself on being the first plastic-free grocery store in Cape Town. Even without this impressive title under its belt, the variety of produce on offer is worthy of awe.

The stores on this list are all proud pledgers of the #RethinkTheBag campaign. No single-use shopping bags here, bring along a reusable.

With a wide range of goods, from fresh veggies and breads to one of the widest varieties of dry produce we've seen, Nude Foods is a great destination for anyone wanting good quality foodstuffs - just bring along your own containers. There is even a machine that will crunch up fresh peanut butter for you!

Other than food, Nude Foods stocks a wide range of home and personal care products - all sustainable.

Something that really excited us about Nude Foods was the large variety of cleaning products - from bulk, environmentally friendly detergents that you can dispense into your own container, to a wide selection of body washes and soaps, they have it all.

Nude Foods has an exceptional range of dry nuts, legumes, pasta and grains - just bring a container along and dispense what you need.

Find Nude Foods at 5 Constitution Street, Zonnebloem.

Low Impact Living - Wild & Waste-Free Store (Glencairn):

Low Impact Living combines a packaging-free grocery store with a delicious waste-free café. This mission is to inspire lasting change - education is at the core of their business model. The LIL shop space is regularly used for talks, workshops and groups that ignite and nurture the positive changes they hope to inspire.

Some of the interesting workshops you can attend at Low Impact Living include an eco-housekeeping workshop for domestic workers, holistic nanny training, DIY body products for women, and detoxing your home.

Whether you are looking for an environmentally-friendly smoothie on your next trip across the Cape Peninsula or want to check out a huge range of goods, from artisanal hemp aprons to up-cycled homeware, Low Impact Living has a bit of something for everyone.

Find Low Impact Living at the corner of Glencaird Rd and Gardrum Street, Glencairn.

Faithful to Nature

Faithful to Nature is a Cape Town-based online store, offering a wide range of environmentally friendly products in categories from food and beauty to home decor. They are notable for being the first online store in the world to allow the filtering of their products by a "plastic-free" category, making environmentally responsible shopping an easy task for you.

We particularly enjoyed Faithful to Nature's selection of plastic-free alternatives to hard-to-find items, such as toothpaste, sunscreen and yoga mats. Take a look the next time you need to buy a gift for an eco-conscious friend.

Visit Faithful to Nature's online store here (and don't forget to apply the "plastic-free" filter to your searches.

Know of one we missed? Leave a comment below and we will investigate!

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