Two Oceans Aquarium members recently attended the Ascarium Creepy Critter Family Sleepover at the Aquarium. As is customary with our member sleepovers, they could experience the Aquarium after-hours, after all our day visitors had gone home. This exclusive opportunity is one of the highlights of our members’ calendars.

“THANK YOU so much for an awesome experience. You all went to so much trouble - the decor and sweetie packs and your costumes and the welcome drinks and hot chocolate and Ghost Pops… So well thought out. Taya was over the moon and had the time of her life. She slept through, which is a miracle, and for that I am so so grateful. The exhibit environment was so calm and mesmerising and it was wonderful to wake up to Yoshi staring at you, so thank you again to you all!” – Tamarin Liebenberg

Delicious “worm-tinis”, “bug juice” and pumpkins filled with sweets awaited members' arrival. Alcohol and juice was kindly sponsored by SAB and Sir Juice.

Children dressed as their favourite characters and there were a number of fairies, butterflies, witches, Spidermen and even a He-Man!

“The sleepover was good value for money. I love the adventure. There is never a dull moment with this event!” – Louise Taljaard

Members set up camp in front of the I&J Ocean Exhibit, enjoying dinner with the fishes and exploring the Aquarium at their leisure.

Kids decorated a treasure chest to take home before watching the Creepy Critter Show hosted by Giraffe House. And boy, were they excited for the show! Werner, the owner of Giraffe House, brought along some fabooolous reptiles. We learnt more about corn snakes, bearded dragons, toads, tarantulas, bullfrogs and pythons.

“10/10 for everything! It was so well organised and the kids loved it. So many activities and very good value for money. Can’t wait for the next one!” – Ilse Hayes

Some parents and children were part of the show and thoroughly enjoyed being able to hold the snake and even kiss the bullfrog! No princes emerged.

Members then had yummy hot chocolate, marshmallows and Ghost Pops while watching a movie on the big screen.

“We heard about the sleepover through the newsletter. We enjoyed the Giraffe House visit, and the freedom to explore the exhibits after hours, The craft project was great too! Do more events!” – Aryn Baker

Bed time was the highlight, as members could fall asleep while watching Yoshi the loggerhead turtle, the guitar fish, shoals of fish and rays swim past.

“A huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge thanks to you and your team for a WONDERFUL evening! We enjoyed it so much. I think it was exceptional good value for money! Everything was amazing, but I think I probably enjoyed waking up to the lovely breakfast box in front of the I&J Ocean Exhibit. Just sleeping in a different space was my highlight. I think for Trent (my 12-year-old), this, coupled with the décor and creepy crawly show, was the highlight.” – Natanya Dreyer

Breakfast in bed was served the next morning – scrumptious yoghurt parfait, filled croissants, sweet and savoury muffins, as well as fresh juices and hot coffee.

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