01 November 2010

Photos: Juvenile loggerhead turtles released back into the wild

Ingrid Sinclair

This is a deeply delightful sight: seeing 19 juvenile loggerhead turtles, which travelled from Cape Town to Durban last week, being released back into the ocean – where they belong!

Two Oceans Aquarium aquarists Kevin Spiby and Andrea Hindley, who had been looking after the tiny turtles in Durban, were on hand, along with uShaka Marine World staff, to help them back into the ocean. Here are heartwarming images from the day.

One of the 19 juvenile loggerhead turtles destined for the great wide open is tagged and ready for release.

From left: André Cronje from 50/50 takes video footage as our aquarist Andrea Hindley, uShaka Marine World staff members Riaan Boshoff, Malini Pather and Karin Fivaz, and our other aquarist Kevin Spiby let go of their charges.

Kevin (above) and Andrea have been taking care of the turtle-lites since they left Cape Town last week. They were also instrumental in taking care of the juveniles at the Aquarium while they awaited release.

Releasing a wild animal back into its habitat is one of the most gratifying events of a conservationist’s career – as demonstrated by the smiles.

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