11 June 2010

Photo essay: Zuki’s got mad soccer skills

You’ve met Zuki, the Aquarium’s resident African penguin. You know she likes spending time in the office with Aquarium staff, helping them check emails and providing some light relief when things get too serious. But did you know that Zuki is an ace football player? Check out these pics if you don’t believe us.

Getting into position: Kevin Spiby, an aquarist at the Aquarium, reminds Zuki of the rules of the game.

Ready for kick off: Zuki takes her place on the line and gets ready for game play.

Amazing beak work: With awesome co-ordination and lightning-fast moves, Zuki expertly dribbles the ball towards the goal posts.

Close call: She almost loses possession but a quick hop and a surprise angle means she’s back on the ball.

Bench time: Being a better swimmer than runner, Zuki’s fitness levels don’t allow her to play the full 90 minutes. We still think it was a good show!

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