Check out the full list of activities and events on offer to all our visitors during Penguin Week below.

Penguin Week: 22 to 28 April

  • Visit our penguins and check out a special temporary Penguin Week exhibit.
  • I Live Smart puppet show, featuring Peter the Penguin in the I&J Children's Play Centre daily at 10h30, 13h30 and 15h30.
  • African penguin feeding time in the Penguin Exhibit at 11h30 and 14h30.
  • Meet Samantha, our roaming penguin mascot and get a penguin-filled family photo.
  • Rockhopper penguin feeding and Q&A in the Penguin Exhibit at 15h00.
  • Learn how you can help save the African penguin from extinction - and make your Penguin Pledge.
  • Win a Penguin Experience in the #PenguinWeek Instagram competition (details to be announced on 22 April).
  • Meet Jaime, Jasmin and Flippy - our new penguin family members!

Fun activities for all ages

Penguin puppet shows (10h30, 13h30 and 15h30)

Kids will love the daily I Live Smart puppet show, where Geo and Thalie meet Peter the Penguin and other ocean animals to learn about protecting the environment.

The I&J Children's Play Centre will have ongoing penguin-themed arts and crafts throughout the week - Mom and Dad, we hope you like black-and-white drawings!

Rockhopper Q&A (15h00)

Gather at the rockhopper penguins' beach in the Penguin Exhibit. Every day a penguin keeper will answer all your rockhopper questions and teach you about these adorable birds - including the Beakham family and new adoptee Jasmin.

Feeding time (11h30 and 14h30)

Come to the Penguin Exhibit to watch the African penguins being fed on their beach every day at 11h30 and 14h30. Our penguin team will be there to teach you all about South Africa's only penguin species, and will be sure to take your questions. This is also a great chance to ask about the name of the penguin on your "spot map."

Get personal with a Penguin Experience

Have you become a penguin addict? Meet the penguins in person in a one-on-one with your very own Penguin Experience.

Get a selfie with our mascot

Samantha the African penguin will be roaming the halls of the Aquarium over the weekend - don't miss out on a selfie with everyone's favourite mascot!

There's something for everyone at the Two Oceans Aquarium during Penguin Week - so waddle you be doing with your family? Plan your visit to the Aquarium today.

Why are penguins special?

The Southern Hemisphere is home to many types of penguin, flightless birds with a knack for gliding gracefully through the ocean, waddling awkwardly on land and burying themselves deeply in our hearts with their universal cuteness. All these species are facing man-made threats - from melting sea ice and habitat loss to poaching and overfishing of their food, penguins need our help to survive. Some penguin species are a hair's breadth from extinction, some have a little more time. But one thing is crystal clear - it's time for everyone to turn their love of penguins into action.

The South African coast is home to one of these endangered species - the African penguin (Spheniscus demersus). Together with members of the equally endangered northern rockhopper penguin (Eudyptes moseleyi) species, these precious birds invite you to help create awareness about their plight during Penguin Week here at the Two Oceans Aquarium.

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