28 May 2011

Penguin Promises: Waddle for a Week Day 6 (28 May 2011)

Renée Leeuwner

Two Oceans Aquarium Assistant Communications and Sustainability Manager Renée Leeuwner is a keen blogger, a member of the Aquarium’s Green Team and the voice behind our Twitter profile. Renée has joined Two Oceans Aquarium Senior Bird Trainer Hayley McLellan and uShaka Sea World’s Gabby Harris as they Waddle for the African penguin; she’ll be live-blogging and tweeting about the Waddle on the road!

It’s done!

Hayley and Robynn

We’ve arrived! The Penguin Promises Waddle for a Week has come to an end.

Everyone made it in one piece and the Waddlers’ spirits remain high. 

This morning, we were joined by about 40 other waddlers from all walks of life. Together, they set off from Muizenberg and unfortunately, only a couple of kilometres further, the rain came down and everyone got drenched.

That didn’t stop them, though, and onwards they went. The group arrived at Boulders Beach Lodge just after 11h00. After some sparkling wine and a couple of speeches, the group set off to see the birds that the whole Waddle was about.

What it's all about

Down the boardwalk and off to the penguin breeding colony at Boulders Beach.

We’ve come full circle. From Gansbaai, where the Dyer Island colony is; stopping at Stony Point at Betty’s Bay and visiting the colony there; and today, Boulders Beach.

As we walked along the boardwalk we saw adult birds sitting on their nests, incubating eggs or feeding their young and sheltering them from the icy wind that had unexpectedly started to blow across the beach.

It was worth every minute of the walk. Every step taken, every blister on every foot; every aching muscle and every tear cried.

Penguins bite!

We have arrived.

Seven Waddlers from various organisations (Two Oceans Aquarium, uShaka Sea World, National Zoological Gardens Pretoria, SANCCOB and Gold Reef City) are walking from Gansbaai to Simon’s Town to raise awareness about the plight of the African penguin. Pledge your support by sending an SMS with the keyword PENGUIN, followed by your promise, to 34008. Follow them on Twitter @penguinpromises, Facebook and www.penguinrpomises.com.

Penguin promises: Waddle for a Week

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