07 September 2011

Penguin Encounters: ‘An experience that I will not forget’

Jennifer Diegel

Jennifer Diegel lives in New York City, United States, and works for a retail company in Manhattan (yes, that Manhattan). Jennifer and her boyfriend try to visit a different country or continent once a year, and in 2011 it was time for Africa. On 13 August, Jennifer visited the Two Oceans Aquarium for a Penguin Encounter; here’s what she had to say about her day.

While planning my trip to Cape Town, I discovered the Penguin Encounter offered at the Two Oceans Aquarium.

I have loved penguins since childhood, so I was very excited (to say the least) at the opportunity.

During my encounter, the entire staff contingent was so friendly and knowledgeable, and the rockhopper penguins were fantastic!

It took a few minutes for [the rockhopper penguin] Hopper to warm up to me, but before I knew it, he hopped up on my lap while the other penguins played about.

It was awesome!

Hopper even posed for several pictures with me.

The time spent truly surpassed my expectations and was an experience that I will not forget.

I thank all of you at the Aquarium for making this possible.

Thank you Ruth, the volunteers and the trainers. And tell the kids (penguins) I said, “Hi.”

Join in on an encounter

Get up close and personal with the adorable rockhopper penguins of the Two Oceans Aquarium through our interactive Penguin Encounter.

No more than two people at a time join Two Oceans Aquarium Senior Bird Trainer Hayley McLellan for an informative, fun and exhilarating face-to-face encounter with our feathered friends.

The Penguin Encounter is suitable for anyone (although we’d discourage kids under eight from taking part) and takes place every Saturday at 11h00.

Click here for more information and to book.

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