In July this year we invited Two Oceans Aquarium members to submit their artistic interpretation of the theme, “Clean seas and happy animals”. The winners have had their designs printed on a series of beautiful reusable bags, which are now available in the Aquarium gift shop.

From left: Two Oceans Aquarium Environmental Campaigner Hayley McLellan, and winners Sophie Walters, Margot Ammermann and Hanim Mazema

This reusable-bag project is in support of our Rethink the Bag environmental campaign. The aim of this campaign is to finally rid South Africa of single-use plastic shopping bags.

Hanim Mazema

“Hanim loves to draw and paint, and she loves the ocean and our natural wildlife. The competition inspired her to use her skills for something close to her heart - protecting our environment and wildlife in the seas and on land. ” – Fayrooz Bailey, Hanim's mom

The winning masterpieces translated to stylish reusable shopping bag designs that will be much treasured and sought after this holiday season.

Sophie Walters

“Sophie loves competitions and she thought it was a good thing to save the fish and animals in the sea. Her design was inspired by a the rhyme, "save the sea, please keep me" with reference to the re-use of bags. And then she chose to draw the sealife that were affected by litter in the sea. ” – Sarah Walters, Sophie's mom

The winners gathered at the Aquarium for a mini-celebration as we handed over their prizes: two bags of their own designs, a one-year membership renewal and a R250 V&A Waterfront gift voucher.

Margot Ammermann

“I was inspired to take part in the competition to teach my daughter the importance of saving our oceans, and, because I love seahorses and the new Jelly Gallery, I wanted to include them in the design. ” – Margot Ammermann

Want to support our cause and show off some sea-inspired, proudly South African artworks? Be sure to get your bags at the Aquarium gift shop for R150 each and a percentage of proceeds will be donated to our conservation programme. Remember, members get 10% off at the gift shop!

Only while stocks last. 

About Rethink the Bag

In 2010 Hayley McLellan (now the Environmental Campaigner at the Two Oceans Aquarium) started the Rethink the Bag campaign as a personal stance against ever increasing plastic pollution. This campaign aims at having single-use plastic bags banned in South Africa. 

In 2011, the Aquarium made the decision to fully support this campaign which led to staff and volunteers being prohibited from bringing single-use plastic bags onto the Aquarium premises.

In 2013, the campaign was incorporated into the Aquarium’s own sustainability efforts and is promoted at every opportunity through exhibits, signage, training and awareness initiatives, and education programmes.

Please join us by:

  1. Signing the petition
  2. Taking the survey
  3. Making a pledge
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