September 2015: Deen Hill working with a sevengill shark that had become stuck in the tidal pools in Strand

Late last year, Two Oceans Aquarium Collections Officer Deen Hill was featured on surfing magazine Zig Zag’s Get Free series, presented by Quicksilver.

Zig Zag describes Deen as “Cape Town’s aquatic guru who specialises in spear fishing, turtle hugging and barrel threading at the best spots around the Peninsula.”

Deen is a hands-on kinda guy, par for the course if you work at the Aquarium, and he’s been featured on our blog freeing seals, tagging and releasing sharks and removing sunsfish from the dry docks at the V&A Waterfront.

August 2015: Deen approaches a very large Cape fur seal on the Aquarium's seal platform, to cut a plastic box band that is wrapped around the seal's neck

Deen walks the sustainability talk and is a key member of our Green Team.

“I collect the excess of my bush trimmings at home, pile it up and let it decompose to use as mulch for the rest of the garden. Recycling of nutrients!” – Deen Hill

He is particularly passionate about indigenous plants and is involved with the Aquarium’s staff-only rooftop garden, which consists of succulents only. He has also presented talks and workshops for kids at the Surf Shack Surf School in Cape Town, all about planning and maintaining a vegetable garden.


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We love to see how Deen spends his free time – in the sea, of course.

Get Free presented by Quiksilver tells original stories about South African surfers. Check out Deen’s video below.

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