Join Two Oceans Aquarium Curator of Operations & Collections Paul van Nimwegen for an exciting online Q&A about the release of Lily May, a ragged-tooth shark that lived at the Aquarium and was reintroduced to the wild.

Curator of Operations and Collections, Paul van Nimwegen, will answer questions around the collection, care, and release of the ragged-tooth sharks that spend time at the Aquarium. Affectionately called "raggies", their relatively docile nature and easy care makes them ideal shark ambassadors. Sharks only spend a few years at the Aquarium and once they have grown in size and matured in age, the team decides on the best strategy to return them to the wild. One such story is that of Lily May, a "small" ragged-tooth shark that lived at the Aquarium for four years and was released in early 2021.

Find out more about the work that we do with ragged-tooth sharks at the Two Oceans Aquarium, by joining Paul online on 26 May at 18h00.

Secure your online seat here.

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