07 February 2013

One Shot Sessions comes to the Aquarium

The Two Oceans Aquarium was chosen as a venue for the latest in a series of One Shot Sessions, short video clips of live performances by South African musicians.

One Shot Sessions describe themselves as a “collective of creative music lovers hoping to showcase South African musicians in a beautiful way – All in One Shot”.

The video below features singer-songwriter Selkie. In Celtic mythology, selkies were said to have been seals that shed their skin to become girls on land; they were known for their hauntingly beautiful voices, free-spirited passion and their songs of nostalgia, love and yearning.

“I’ve never sung for an audience of sharks, turtles and fish before!” says Selkie. “The Aquarium proved to be a sensational backdrop for the project and a truly magical place to get lost in (we found ourselves quite literally lost at the end of the shoot!)”

Helen Lockhart, Communications & Sustainability Manager at the Two Oceans Aquarium, adds: “I’ve always felt that the Aquarium lends itself to ‘unplugged’ music as it adds to the ethereal ambience. The fluidity and grace of the animals become even more dream-like when coupled with hauntingly beautiful sound. Thanks to Selkie for bringing the myth alive! We look forward to hearing more from this talented young musician.”

Hear Selkie’s soulful voice, and watch her performance amongst the fish, in this video below:

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