08 May 2014

On the road with our outreach vehicle – its Oceans in Motion

Oceans in Motion is one of the Aquarium’s social responsibility initiatives. Supported by GrandWest Corporate Social Investments, Oceans in Motion aims to reach under-resourced schools around Cape Town that can’t afford to visit the Aquarium.

By visiting these schools with our fully equipped mobile aquarium facility, we offer children an unforgettable experience with live marine animals.

Check out the photos from our visit to Groenvlei Primary School from last year:

Xavier Zylstra, senior educator at the Environmental Education Centre, explains what an Aquarium is
Grade Rs soaking up the new information ... and enjoying it!
A rather unique setting for our classroom - Carl Schreve Mor Primer
Our 'multimedia' at work
Getting down to their level - Aurora Hoerskool library
You can't look this close in most rock pools!
That we have their undivided attention cannot be questioned ...
... and the animals are the stars of the show
Microscope images - backing up the 'hands on' with technology from home
In the palm of Thabo's hand ...
How to touch a starfish
... and anemones, at Brandenberg Primer
Sometimes with the help and encouragement of their teachers
Marx, of Cape Nature, introduces "Mountains to oceans"
"Can you see if the starfish has a mouth?" - last day at Koringberg
"Hmm, let's look closer and see.."
"This is SO awesome!!"
Young Groenvlei pupils enjoying the experience
The mobile Aquarium taking on water at Doringbaai Abalone
You can't beat real animals for capturing attention
"So, WHY does the urchin have those spines?"
Anemone calisthentics to work up some heat
Rock pool studies for colourful young explorers
"It's OK to touch. Just be gentle, and keep it in the water..."
Terminology on the whiteboard - minimum use, maximum impact
The highlight of their week
Thabo's production line. Preparing animals for the presentation

You also sponsor a disadvantaged child’s visit to the Aquarium via our online shop.

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