27 July 2007

New arrivals

Two Oceans Aquarium
Tinus Beukes stablises a shark in the transport tank. Photograph by Dagny Warmerdam.

This month we welcome the arrival of several new animals to the Aquarium!

A large short-tailed stingray was introduced to the I&J Predator Exhibit at the beginning of July and she was recently joined by three magnificent ragged-tooth sharks on 17 July 2007.

The ray, named by Paris by our Curatorial staff, was collected by aquarist, Derick Neethling, while fishing from a boat on the outer reefs near Struisbaai. Paris caused great excitement amongst the locals in Caledon the Aquarium’s truck broke down on Caledon’s main road and Paris had to be transferred from the 4000 litre holding tank on the truck to a 2000 litre holding tank towed behind our Landcruiser!

The ragged-tooth sharks were collected off the beach at Sea Vale, which is about 30 kilometres south of East London. Roy Martin, the official tagger for Bayworld in Port Elizabeth, assisted our staff in collecting the sharks and was given the honour of naming them. The female sharks are named after Roy’s daughters, Samantha and Jessica. The male is named after Roy himself.

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