Does your visit to the Two Oceans Aquarium leave you hungry? If so, you're in for a real treat - we've just welcomed Bootlegger Coffee Company to the Aquarium!

Bootlegger is a Cape Town brand that arose from an idea amongst three best friends and grown to a nationwide sensation with over 24 branches in a few short years. With a delicious menu, competitive prices and an excellent record of healthy and sustainable offerings, it's easy to see why South Africans love Bootlegger Coffee Company!

The restaurant’s hours are Monday to Friday from 06h30 till 18h00, weekends and public holidays from 07h30 to 18h00, and during the Aquarium’s extended hours they will also close at 19h00 (except on 25 December when both the Aquarium and the restaurant will close at 18h00). This makes grabbing an early dinner during extended hours, oh-so-convenient and delicious.

Did you know: Two Oceans Aquarium annual members get 10% off all their Bootlegger Aquarium orders. Yum!

We take sustainability very seriously at the Two Oceans Aquarium, and are very impressed with the efforts being made by Bootlegger to source sustainable food and to eliminate plastic waste being made by Bootlegger - in fact, Bootlegger is currently one of a small number of Ocean Pledge Certified restaurants in South Africa. Plant-based take-out cups, reusable "dash cups", vegan bread, Rainforest Alliance certified coffee, locally sourced produce - what's not to love?

Some facts about the new restaurant:

  • This is the only Bootlegger in South Africa with pizza!
  • The restaurant is the first Bootlegger with a kiddie play area, so your little ones can stretch their legs while you wait for your meal.
  • If you get to this Bootlegger before 08h30 - you can get a yummy coffee for just R19!
  • Every Bootlegger has an AC/DC song title in neon lights on the wall - the Aquarium's one is "School Days"
  • Bootlegger lets you DIY your breakfast, so you can eat exactly what you like.
  • This branch has a generator. Get your caffeine fix during load shedding.
  • Did we mention the coffee is yummy?

Saltwater is without a doubt the most important life-giving liquid in the Two Oceans Aquarium, but with Bootlegger next door, delicious coffee is definitely a close second!

We wish all the best to our new neighbours - be sure to stop by and grab a bite (especially if watching our daily animal feeds helps you work up an appetite).

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