Next time you visit the Two Oceans Aquarium, you’ll be forgiven if you lose yourself while absorbed by the detail of the massive marine-themed mural that stretches from floor to ceiling on the ramp en route to the Penguin Exhibit, brought to you by Old Mutual Finance.

It was created by Nardstar, a Capetonian graffiti artist who was listed as one of “25 Women Pushing The Limits Of Street Art Around The World” by the Huffington Post in 2014.

Nardstar’s bold geometric design depicts, amongst other things, a southern right whale, a seal, a musselcracker, turtles, rays, a school of yellowtail, a sunfish, sharks, and much more …

As a Capetonian, Nardstar says she definitely feels a particular connection to the ocean. "I spend as much time as I can at the beach and find the ocean to be powerful, humbling and healing."

Come and visit us to see all the fin-tastic inspiration from the sea.

"It was so much fun to learn about the marine animals living in our oceans," says Nardstar. "I got to totally nerd out while researching and am now a bit obsessed with our marine life. These animals are so amazing. It's cool to know a bit more about what's happening in these oceans that I'm surrounded by."

Says Two Oceans Aquarium Communications & Sustainability Manager Helen Lockhart: "When I came across Nardstar’s work I was immediately drawn to its vibrancy, boldness and clean lines. The fact that she is one of a handful of female street artists in South Africa coupled with her love for animals made her the perfect fit for the Aquarium."

It took Nardstar about a month to complete this masterpiece because she could only start work after hours, once all our visitors had left. Her medium - spray paint - is not so pleasant for our visitors to inhale. She works with a mask on!

"The other challenge - to do a true representation of the two oceans' marine life - was great for feeding my inquisitive brain," she says.

Hours and hours of painstaking attention to detail went into this beautiful creation, and we are very proud to show it off.

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