26 June 2011

Moving Sushi: A moving journey from Cape Town to Japan and back again

Two Oceans Aquarium

Moving Sushi, the little team of two South African’s Mike Markovina and Linda Schonknecht, has come a long way since 2008. Forty-two countries, over 78 000 driven kilometres, 24 plane rides, numerous trains, taxis, rickshaws, motor bikes, car ferries, people ferries, river beds, sand dunes, snow roads and no roads to be exact. The expedition’s aim was to drive from Cape Town to Japan, and back filming a documentary on the projects and people that were making a difference in the marine environment today. They covered some of the more stranger; wilder and overlooked places across West and East Africa, Europe, Asia and the Arabian Peninsula.

The Two Oceans Aquarium is proud to present an exhibition of large-format photographs celebrating this amazing journey. The photographs are currently on display at the I&J Predator Exhibit.

Mike and Linda: Reaching the most Northern point in Europe the expedition enjoys a moment outside of the lighthouse in Gamvick, before heading to cross the continent of Russia (2009). Photo courtesy Moving Sushi

“We would like to welcome you to an exhibition through a journey of the past two years of our lives. We hope you will experience a taste of the wonder and enthusiasm for the possibility of change that we have had the privilege to witness.  In the words of Haider El Ali, director of Oceana Senegal ‘People are the problem, but people are also the solution,’” say Mike and Linda.

You can read more about the exhibition in this article from the Cape Argus.

Below, you can watch a wonderful and inspiring video of Mike’s presentation at TEDxCapeTown.

Video courtesy TEDxTalks

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