The Skretting Diversity Gallery is home to many of the smaller, more unusual ocean animals that call the Two Oceans Aquarium home. It is also where visiting families will find our interactive exhibits and be able to get their hands wet at the Touch Pool, learn the ins-and-outs of the lives of sea turtles, rediscover South Africa's oldest living fossil, and learn about the microscopic animals that are just too small for the human eye to easily detect.

The secret lives of microscopic animals are revealed by Visitor Services Guide Phumza Jongihlathi.

At the Microscope Exhibit, a trained staff member, Young Biologist or Aquarium volunteer will introduce you to the world of the minute and microscopic - the tiny tube feet a sea urchin uses to walk, the odd behaviours of near-microscopic shrimp, and an amazing host of strange life collected daily from the shores of Cape Town. Our digital microscope projects magnifications of the subject under examination onto an array of screens, so you are able to see these features in high definition. You can also peek into the water to see if you can make out the tiny animals with just your own two eyes.

Two Oceans Aquarium Volunteer Nabewieyah Ismail shares her knowledge with the next generation of ocean lovers at the Microscope Exhibit.

But this exhibit isn't just for the tiny animals under the microscope, it is also a chance to learn about the much bigger animals that depend on them. Get a hands-on lesson about the baleen of filter-feeding whales, the oddly-shaped eggs of rays and sharks, and the otherworldly shaped shells and tests of a host of seafloor creatures.

Visitor Services Guide Phumza Jongihlathi shows Aquarium guests some highlights from our collection of unusual ocean artefacts.

Examining this otherwise inaccessible world is an amazing introduction to scientific inquiry for young children - if there is so much hidden from our normal view in just a small pool of water, imagine how much there is to be seen everywhere else! 

Senior Floor Guide Razaan Keur greets guests with a smile at the Microscope Exhibit. Credit: @ericlampaert via Instagram

Be sure to make a stop at the interactive Microscope Exhibit on your next Aquarium visit - and keep an eye out for even more interactive fun in the near future!

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