Big thanks to Ray D Chaplin, a WWF/SASSI and SA Shark Conservancy ambassador and Two Oceans Aquarium member.

On Saturday 15 August, members of the Two Oceans Aquarium enjoyed a privileged peak behind the scenes of the Aquarium.

First stop: the pump room. Photo courtesy WWF/SASSI and SA Shark Conservancy ambassador and Two Oceans Aquarium member Ray D Chaplin

The breakfast with the curatorial team is exclusive to members and happens once a year. It's part of a full schedule of members-only events that forms part of the experience. This is our members' chance to pick the brains of our curatorial staff and to ask those questions they've been dying to ask.  

Next up were the filtration rooms. Photo courtesy Ray D Chaplin

After breakfast at Shoreline Café, the behind-the-scenes tours kicked off and were led by Curator Michael Farquhar, Assistant Curator Claire Taylor and Specialist Technician Vince Calder. 

A look at the new exhibit-in-progress. Photo courtesy Ray D Chaplin

Just some of the highlights included a peak at our turtles in rehabilitation (including Bob himself), an update at our new-exhibit-in-progress, and in-depth explanations of our filtration and temperature control systems.

This is a pile of plastic box bands and other plastic items that have been removed from the bodies of harbour seals by the Two Oceans Aquarium team. Photo courtesy Ray D Chaplin

The Two Oceans Aquarium currently has more than 100 juvenile loggerhead turtles in quarantine. Photo courtesy Ray D Chaplin

Members could say hi to Otto, a hawksbill turtle currently in rehabilitation at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Photo by Ingrid Sinclair

And they could also say hi to Bob, the green turtle that's been through CT scans and more during his rehabilitation at the Aquarium. Photo courtesy Ray D Chaplin
Bob is doing much better than he was 6 months ago. Photo courtesy Ray D Chaplin
Of course, who wouldn't want to see the I&J Predator Exhibit from above? Look at the raggie floating by... This is also the point of entry for adventure diving at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Photo courtesy Ray D Chaplin
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