Members are invited to attend the exclusive, ever-fun and ever-popular Two Oceans Aquarium family sleepover on 25 May 2019. It's the chance you've been waiting for - a turtally awesome night sleeping with the fishes! And this sleepover will be all about turtles.

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Family sleepover details

  • When: Saturday 25 May 2019 from 18h30 until Sunday 26 Mary 2019 at 08h00
  • What to pack: A picnic dinner for the evening, sleeping bag and mattresses, pillows, blankets etc, toiletries, change of clothes. No tents allowed.
  • Cost: R325 (adults), R260 (children). We regret no under 2s.
  • The cost includes a welcome beverage for all guests, a hot chocolate station in the evening before bed, and a light breakfast in the morning.
  • Bookings are open. To book, please email

All about turtles!

We are celebrating turtles at this sleepover, which is happening just two days after World Turtle Day. Think turtle-themed crafts, interesting and engaging talks from our Turtle Rescue Programme team (who will tell you more about the journeys of our released turtles Yoshi, Pemba, Noci and Moya), turtle-themed puppet shows, and everything that's wonderful about our heroes in a half-shell. 

Your night in the Aquarium will be an experience to remember - explore our halls and see the incredible creatures take on a new life as nocturnal predators come out to explore and usually shy beauties come out of their hiding places to explore. Just because our doors are usually closed to the public at night doesn't mean the magic stops. Where better to have a sleepover than an underwater dreamland?

When yawns start to appear, its time to crawl into warm sleeping bags and drift off to sleep while the sharks, turtles and rays keep a watchful eye over your dreams. There's no better night-light than the rippling glow flickering through clear blue waters and when the sunlight starts to trickle back through the water, it will be time to rise and shine to meet the new day ...

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