During April and May 2016, we are hosting “Cape Town’s Underwater Wilderness”, an underwater photography exhibition featuring spectacular images, by nine of South Africa’s top photographers, dedicated to the marine world found off the coast of the Western Cape. Eighty of the photos will be sold at R1 000 each and each photographer’s top photo will be offered up on auction. All funds raised will be donated to Shark Spotters and will be used for a shark research project.

Steven Benjamin is a marine guide, filmmaker and conservation photographer with a deep fascination with the natural world. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Through his zoology and ichthyology studies at the University of Cape Town and Rhodes University, Steven furthered his passion for all things aquatic before moving full-time into creating his own marine tourism and photography business – Animal Ocean.

His career in photography started in 2012 and since then he hasn’t put down the camera. He feels it’s the responsibility of those who are privileged to experience the natural world, to share it.

“Our oceans are in trouble from a multitude of human-induced threats and if people don’t see what is going on, if people don’t see what can be lost, we have little hope of affecting change,” says Steven.

“I want my photography to show the world what we have and what we must value, otherwise it won’t be with us in the future and we won’t even know what we have lost." 

“I want my images to bring about change.”

Steven currently lives in Kalk Bay and finds that the oceans around Cape Town are so diverse that you could explore them forever, never getting bored. He swims through kelp forests, dives into the open ocean and gets thrown around in surf zones to bring you simple, clean and inspiring images of the world he loves so much.

Be sure to check out Steven’s photography, along with the work of eight other photographers when you visit the Aquarium in April and May!

The exhibition is co-sponsored by Orms Print Room & Framing, Nauticam and Dive Action.

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