During April and May 2016, we are hosting “Cape Town’s Underwater Wilderness”, an underwater photography exhibition featuring spectacular images, by nine of South Africa’s top photographers, dedicated to the marine world found off the coast of the Western Cape. Eighty of the photos will be sold at R1 000 each and each photographer’s top photo will be offered up on auction. All funds raised will be donated to Shark Spotters and will be used for a shark research project.

Morne Hardenberg

Morne Hardenberg has spent the last 15 years focusing on great white sharks through underwater filming, freediving, research and shark tourism. In 2008, he founded Shark Explorers, which offers dives with more than 15 species of shark. He started taking underwater photographs in 2007, following on from a successful career in cinematography.

“My passion is to spend lots of time at sea with my family, friends and clients through my dive tourism business,” says Morne. “Underwater photography allows me to capture these special moments in time and share these unique and rewarding experiences with a greater audience."

Like us, Morne wants people to rethink the shark. “My favourite underwater subjects are the oceans’ maligned and threatened predators, its sharks. In Cape Town you can dive with as many as 10 species of shark, from the mighty great white shark, from the safety of a cage, to the magnificent blue sharks, cage-free, in the waters off Cape Point.”

“My hope is that my portraits in some small way challenge people’s perspective of sharks, from being ugly and something to fear, to seeing the beauty of these creatures that need our respect and admiration.”

Be sure to check out Morne’s photography, along with the work of eight other photographers when you visit the Aquarium in April and May! The exhibition is co-sponsored by Orms Print Room & Framing, Nauticam and Dive Action.

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