The Two Oceans Aquarium is lucky enough to work with an incredible team of passionate, diverse and generally awesome people! Our "superheroes" don't always have a chance to take the limelight, but when our photographer friends Josie Borain and Brownwen Trupp paid us a visit, they got to meet some of our family - and now we'd like you to meet our Aquarium family too!

Caring for our visitors:

Guest Experience Coordinator Bradley Carstens and Ticket Office Cashier Princess Bakajana are two of the first people you'll meet when entering the Aquarium at our front desk and Visitors' Centre.

From the moment you walk into the Two Oceans Aquarium, the friendly men and women of our Visitor Services team will be at your service to make your visit as inspiring and fun as possible!

Got a question about something interesting you've seen in the Aquarium? Our team of friendly floor guides, like Visitor Services Guide Razaan Keur, are at your disposal!
Visitor Services Casual Sinazo Mondliwa and Front Office Manager Saliegh Adams may possibly be the first two people you meet at the Aquarium when buying your ticket - those smiles are a good way to start the day!

Caring for the Aquarium:

Keeping the Aquarium running isn't easy, but the technical team is up for any challenge: Painter Anthony Francis, Woodwork Specialist Mymoon Kariem, Technical Supervisor Donovan Samuels, Maintenance Assistant Lelethu Ngece, Workshop Driver Dennis Goliath, Maintenance Assistant Albert Nyakaza, Procurement Coordinator Berenice Goliath, Workshop Maintenance Assistant Chris Blunt, Life Support Systems Assistant Yagya Allies and Curator Maryke Musson.

Behind the scenes, our Workshop team work tirelessly to keep the Two Oceans Aquarium running smoothly. From replacing exhibit windows that literally weigh tons, to maintaining the cooling systems that keep our animals (and humans) comfortable, no job is too big or too small for the men and women of this technical team. 

Whether it is helping plan the perfect private function, or installing a new filtration system, behind-the-scenes staff like Functions Coordinator Augusto Cambiji and Senior Life Support Systems Technician Rudi Schmidt make the magic happen.

Caring for our animals:

When the fish see Animal Nutrition Coordinator Mmameli Mpukumpa coming they know it's almost lunch time. Mmameli prepares the meals for most of the animals in our care each day.

Looking after animals is a lot like looking after children, and caring for the Aquarium creatures is like taking care of thousands of kids at the same time - if some of those children had teeth, some had allergies, some were venomous and some were so cute there was a risk of everyone you meet trying to take them home.

Aquarist II Bamanye Mpethsheni is ready to step into any animal care role, from helping Krish collect jellyfish to tending to his own exhibits in the Skretting Diversity Gallery.
The health of the animals in our care is of the utmost importance to us. Whether we are caring for an ageing moray eel or taking X-rays of a newly rescued turtle hatchling, Veterinarian Brandon Spolander and Animal Health Coordinator Tersia Greenstone treat each of their patients with equal care and love.

The men and women that take on the daunting task of caring for all the Aquarium's ocean life form our Curatorial Department, and although they may all have specific jobs, each and every team member is ready to step in wherever needed. Our animals are in good hands!

Senior Aquarist Kevin Spiby, Collections Aquarist Simon Brill and Senior Collections Aquarist Paul van Nimwegen might look like they are up to mischief, but these are the gents that regularly venture out to sea to identify and collect new and exciting animals for the Aquarium's exhibits.
If you work with sea creatures, you are going to get wet. Aquarist II Xolela Batayi is always ready to dive into the Kelp Forest Exhibit to feed and care for the animals.

Daily feeding, checking water parameters, exercising the penguins, training the fish to feed and providing veterinary care are just a few of the duties that fall on our aquarists. But, it is their constant vigilance and their genuine love of nature that make our Curatorial team truly world class - thanks team!

Meet Aquarist II Krish Lewis, Aquarist II Shanet Rutgers, Conservation Coordinator Talitha Noble, Aquarist II Ayrton King and Aquarist II Kaye Williams - all young people with the responsibility to care for a great diversity of animals: Jellyfish, penguins, turtles, toads, spider crabs and more.
If there is trouble at the Aquarium, Diver/Presenter Simon Leigh, Exhibits Coordinator Pierre de Villiers and Aquarist II Laurence Thorne are likely to be either the solution or the root of the mischief!

Caring for nature:

A huge portion of the work that takes place at the Two Oceans Aquarium is to protect our surrounding environment. From seal monitors who patrol the V&A Waterfront to disentangle Cape fur seals, to the committed team of the Turtle Rescue Programme that is currently caring for over 200 stranded sea turtles, the commitment to conservation drives this team forward.

Curator of Exhibits Claire Taylor and Specialist Technician Vince Calder regularly venture out into the waters of the Cape Town harbour by boat to rescue seals that have been injured by pollution.
Seal Monitors Kwanele Mantanga and Ayanda Cimoni patrol the V&A Waterfront every day, driving seals away from areas where they could endanger members of the public, and encouraging them to make use of dedicated platforms where entangled seals can be more easily rescued.

The Two Oceans Aquarium's wildlife conservation programmes really are making a difference in the environment, and we truly have our committed team to thank for our successes and look forward to making an even bigger difference in the future.

Research Coordinator Inge Adams and Conservation Coordinator Talitha Noble head up the Turtle Rescue Programme, an ongoing effort to save the hundreds of turtles that become stranded on the Western Cape coast each year.
Wildlife Management Programme Coordinator Brett Glasby oversees rescue efforts of entangled birds, injured seals, trapped sunfish and other distressed animals in the V&A Waterfront - a place where human and animal interactions are common and often dangerous.

Caring for the future:

Caring about the environment doesn't just mean protecting the natural world around us today, it means educating the next generation to protect it for years to come. The purpose of the Two Oceans Aquarium is to inspire action among the people whose lives we can touch - be that in our Environmental Education Centre classrooms, on an outreach trip, through educational material and the thousands of visitors that visit us each year.

There are many ways to spread the conservation message, be they Turtle Rescue Road Trips or wonderful free courses for school children. Research Coordinator Inge Adams, Conservation Coordinator Talitha Noble, Teacher Kirshia Koumbatis and Graphic Designer Jessica Sloan are all part of that process.
Deputy Head of Education Xavier Zylstra and Outreach Teacher Thabo Sabeko are both passionate teachers. Xavier spreads the love of the ocean in his classroom through fun, informative lessons to school groups. Thabo's classroom is the Oceans in Motion outreach van, which takes a mobile aquarium to schools across the Western Cape.

While our growing team of teachers, outreach educators, Visitor Services Guides and designers have been the cornerstone of our efforts, from creating a high school Marine Sciences Curriculum to designing fun interactive learning experiences, we feel that the passion each of our staff members has for the ocean is what really rubs off on the people we meet.

Visitor Services Guide Fikile Sizwenya is a shining example of the kind of passion that drives our team. From humble beginnings, "Fix" has fast become one of the most recognisable faces on the Aquarium floor, and for good reason - his passion and love for the sea is infectious!

Caring for our team:

At the heart of the Two Oceans Aquarium is the Curatorial Department - the team that cares for the animals, maintains the exhibits and designs new ones. Curator Maryke Musson, Operations Manager Tinus Beukes and Curator of Exhibits Claire Taylor lead that team to ever newer and more exciting things.

Our amazing team would not run as well as it does without leadership that shares their passions. Right from the top, the Two Oceans Aquarium is run by people that care about life on the South African coast - and that love for the sea permeates every level of what we do.

And last, but not least, Curator Maryke Musson would certainly not be able to manage the team of energetic aquarists without Senior Aquarists Nicholas Nicolle and Kevin Spiby always being ready to get into the thick of things.

We certainly wish we could have introduced you to every one of our staff members - every member of the Two Oceans Aquarium family is special. But, now that you've met some of our greatly extended family, we would love to meet yours!

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