15 February 2013

Letting the cat(fish) out of the bag

Renee Leeuwner

Sometimes a chance meeting is all it takes to make great things happen. It was just such a meeting that got Woolworths and the Two Oceans Aquarium talking passionately about the possible production of a marine-themed reusable bag.

So, today it is with great joy and pride that we introduce to you the Ocean Promise reusable bag – a collaborative effort between Woolworths, the Two Oceans Aquarium and the Animal Keepers Association of Africa (AKAA).

ocean promise bag woolworths two oceans aquarium
Photo by Renee Leeuwner
One side of the bag features an African penguin and urges the buyer of the bag to make a promise to behave in such a way as to support our oceans and the life that depends on healthy oceans. The other side of the bag features a sea turtle.

Did you know that many species of sea turtle eat jellyfish? These poor animals mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and after eating the bags, die a slow and painful death.  The plastic doesn’t digest and leaves the turtle feeling full all the time, so it stops eating and basically starves to death.

The bag tag talks about the AKAA’s Penguin Promises campaign and what you can do to help ensure the future of our oceans. Remember to visit the Penguin Promises website to make your promise. Also remember that the annual Waddle for a Week will take place from 22 – 27 April this year. Follow the Waddlers’ progress on the Penguin Promises website or right here on the Aquarium website. Better still, join them on 27 April for the last day of the Waddle when they will be walking from Muizenberg to Simon’s Town.

The Ocean Promise bags are reusable, fully recyclable and made exclusively for Woolworths by Isikhwama, a community project right here in South Africa! They cost R29.99 each and are available in Woolworths stores nationwide. R10 from the sale of every bag will be donated to the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (www.sanccob.co.za).

Make a difference by changing your behaviour today. Start by using less plastic, join a beach or river cleanup or just say no to plastic drinking straws. We all have to start somewhere. Go on and do it.

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