24 October 2012

Let your animals meet ours: Razorfish

Cutting through the waters of the deep with razor-sharp precision is an intriguing marine fish species: the razorfish.

This small, thin, almost transparent fish is wrapped in bony plates that come together in a sharp ridge along the belly almost like that of a razor, hence the name, and which extend to form a sharp point at the tail.

Found primarily in shallow waters of the Indo-Pacific waters, they also tend to make the deep southern oceans their home, while they feed on tiny invertebrates.

Razorfish facts:

  • They swim vertically, in sychronised groups, with their long snouts pointing down
  • The term razorfish can refer to five species in the Centriscidae family, and most species act in a similar manner
  • The razorfish is closely related to the seahorse
  • They can vary in colour depending on their habitat, but are generally light silver with a red or greenish-yellow stripe along the top and bottom of their bodies
  • Razorfish tend to hide in the spines of sea urchins to gather food and protect themselves

We think a razorfish costume will be a hit at this year’s aSCAREium, taking place on 27 October 2012.

Choose from an inordinate amount of creatures, including moray eels, devil firefish, hagfish, spider crabs, anemones, ghosts, mermaids, superheroes, zombies and so many more to make your night extra special and memorable.

From 19h00 until 22h00 you can introduce your little ones to the fascinating, exciting and adventurous world of the deep blue sea, and the marine creatures that make the Two Oceans Aquarium their home.

Feel like a kid again and enjoy the face-painting, games and magic shows, and get creative with loads of arts and crafts on offer.

Shoreline Café, the Aquarium’s in-house restaurant, will be on hand with an injection of delicious and sustainable meals until 20h00, after which the doors will open for the magical aSCAREium experience … be prepared for a memorable evening!

And if your little animals require a little more sustenance, the Tuck Shop in the AfriSam Children’s Play Centre will offer snacks and treats until 22h00.

You only have a few more days to book tickets for this party and tickets are limited, so if you would like a chance to spend some quality and have loads of fun time with your loved ones, we suggest you book now!

Isn’t it time you treated your kiddies to an evening of unbridled fun, laughter, adventure and discovery?

Book tickets for aSCAREium today!

The aSCAREium will be open from 19h00 until 22h00, and should be great fun for all children under the age of 13.

For more information about the aSCAREium and the Two Oceans Aquarium, please contact our Members Centre on +27 (0)21 418 3823 or email mailto:members@aquarium.co.za.

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