22 October 2012

Let your animals meet ours: Longhorn cowfish

Cute they may be, but longhorn cowfish are not to be stressed in any way by bright lights, sudden movement or loud sounds, as they produce a deadly toxin. A nervous bunch? Maybe, but it is a foolproof self-preservation method.

Recognisable by the long horns on its head – like a cow – the longhorn cowfish is a type of boxfish, which are known for the hexagonal patterns on their skin.

Cowfish are omnivorous in nature, so enjoy tasty morsels of algae, molluscs, small crustaceans and microorganisms.

They are found primarily in coral reefs at depths of between 1m and 45m, but have been known to live at depths of around 100m.

Longhorn cowfish facts:

  • Their horns break off often but regrow within a few months
  • Longhorn cowfish have a unique method of swimming – ostraciiform swimming – which makes them look like they’re hovering.
  • They make a grunting noise when captured
  • They have no gill cover; they have a slit or hole
  • The mouth of the longhorn cowfish is found on the underside of its head

The longhorn cowfish is a fantastic idea for a costume to wear to this year’s aSCAREium, on 27 October 2012!

And, of course, you don’t need to excrete any form of poison to protect you from an evening of fun, fun, fun.

aSCAREium gives families the chance to enjoy each other’s company in a new and exciting environment and share beautiful moments as you and your little ones discover the magical and fascinating world of the ocean and its inhabitants.

From 19h00 until 22h00, explore the world of the moray eel, devil firefish, ragged-tooth shark, hagfish, or any of the vast number of creatures that call the Two Oceans Aquarium their home. You may even decide to come dressed up as one of them ... or a mermaid, a sea king or queen, a ghost, a zombie, or anything your heart desires.

You will marvel at your children making new friends so easily while enjoying the arts and crafts, face painting, magic shows and games.

So why not take advantage of aSCAREium and spend some quality and, more importantly, fun time with your family and friends? And one of the best parts of the evening … you won’t have to do the dishes.

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