Exciting changes are taking place at the Aquarium and fish are on the move!

In the middle of this month we will be opening our brand new exhibit and closing the current I&J Predator Exhibit for renovations. This means we will be saying goodbye to our ragged-tooth sharks as we release them back into the ocean.

While we won’t have sharks there is still the opportunity until 12 June 2016 to dive with magnificent large yellowtail, dusky kob, musselcracker, rays and our famous loggerhead turtle Yoshi.


This remains a spectacular adventure dive as nowhere in the world can you experience such an assortment of predatory fishes. Seeing the I&J Predator Exhibit from a fish's eye view is truly an out-of-this-world experience.

And until 17 July 2016 for a limited time only, we’re lifting the need for a PADI Advanced qualification. We are inviting divers with an Open Water qualification to experience the enchanted underwater forest of the Ocean Basket Kelp Forest Exhibit. You’ll love drifting with the kelp fronds, the red stumpnose and the galjoen, South Africa’s national fish. You might even catch a glimpse of the mysterious pyjama shark!

Two dives, for less

From 1 to 12 June 2016 we’re offering all divers a special combo rate: Get one I&J Predator Exhibit dive and one Ocean Basket Kelp Forest Exhibit dive for only R1 300 – a saving of R280! It’s R1 050 and a saving of R150 if you have your own gear.

Be among the first to dive in our new exhibit

And then, from 20 June, another completely new dive experience awaits you - dive in the newly opened exhibit which is 6m deep, has a full tunnel and displays incredible species such as turtles, rays and even tuna.

Not qualified?

We can help with that too! Complete a one-day short course or get your PADI Open Water qualification through Iain Robertson, our resident dive master

Get in touch at dive@aquarium.co.za or call 021 418 3952 for more information, or to book.

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