07 July 2011

Justin Gabriel of WWE visits the Two Oceans Aquarium

Ingrid Sinclair

For a brief moment in time, Shoreline Café at the Two Oceans Aquarium served muscles: In the form of WWE wrestling superstar Justin Gabriel. He popped in for a quick visit today (7 July 2011) with his entourage and a crew from South African television station eTV to take in the view of the V&A Waterfront from our deck and, of course, to delight just about everyone around. His visit forms part of a whirlwind WWE tour of South Africa that kicks off in Cape Town tonight.

The moment Justin stepped out of his vehicle, the cameras – professional and amateur – were ready to shoot (in the least threatening way).

He happily shook hands with young sea fans who happened to be at the scene.

As he made his way through Shoreline Café, TV crew in tow, heads started to turn … It took a while for visitors to the Aquarium to register who he was, considering that he was not decked out in his trademark “tighties”.

Did you know? Justin Gabriel, real name Paul Lloyd, is South African. His dad was a pro wrestler and promoter, and his grandfather was a professional boxer.

You’d think with all this sunlight, you wouldn’t need reflection! To get all the shadows and contrasts just right, eTV’s crew had to do some creative thinking.

Despite what he does for a living, Justin was the picture of serenity today … Hard to be uptight with this view, right Justin?

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