15 June 2010

Joseph the cheetah visits the Aquarium

Renée Leeuwner

The Aquarium truly is an amazing place, where astonishing animals meet interesting people (and the other way around, of course). This past week has been no exception.

On Friday, the Spier Cheetah Outreach Programme brought Joseph, an eight-year-old cheetah, to meet a group of very special people.
Joseph was in his element. His purrs echoed around the room with the bass of a great percussionist! He spent the encounter lying down on a table, happily resting his head on his human friend’s lap.

Joseph was bred in captivity and has been with the Spier Cheetah Outreach Programme since he was two weeks old. Cheetahs are highly endangered and the programme at Spier is aimed at educating people about the plight of these magnificent cats.

Currently, there are only 7 500 wild cheetahs left in Africa.

The Aquarium’s mission statement is to foster love, respect and understanding of our oceans to inspire support for their future wellbeing. As the oceans are a part of the Earth, we also encourage people to be attentive and respond to the plight of endangered and vulnerable land animals.

Have a look around you and see how you can make a difference in the environment that so wonderfully supports you.

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