24 August 2010

Join us for Coastal Cleanup Day on 28 September

Two Oceans Aquarium
This is what a beach should look like. This photo of Muizenberg courtesy Teleyinex

Come on, Capetonians, let’s clean up our act! In support of International Coastal Cleanup Day on 28 September, Aquarium staff and volunteers will be cleaning up Zandvlei Estuary and Muizenberg Beach on Tuesday, 28 September. Come and join us — it’s bound to be as much fun as it’ll be the right thing to do.

The International Coastal Cleanup project was initiated in 1986 and over 90 countries have volunteered to clean the beaches and coastlines within their surroundings.

The mission of the cleanup is: to remove debris from the shorelines, waterways and beaches of the world’s lakes, rivers and oceans; to collect valuable information on the amount and type of debris; to educate people on the issue of marine debris; and to use the information collected to effect positive change.

The Two Oceans Aquarium appeals to everyone to reduce, recycle and re-use. Most containers, bottles, and bags can be recycled and doing so will minimise the amount of litter found along beaches and in rivers, lakes and lagoons. Capetonians, help keep your beaches beautiful and be proud of your natural heritage!

When? Tuesday, 28 September, 2010
Time? 11h00 till 14h00
Where? Meet in Muizenberg; we will start at the Sandvlei river mouth and walk towards Strandfontein
What do I bring? Hats, sunblock, refreshments

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Read more about going green for the ocean here.

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