The Two Oceans Aquarium invites you to make a difference on the Ocean Conservancy's annual International Coastal Cleanup Day. Not only will we be doing our part to rejuvenate our precious coast, but there is a ton of fun to be had and prizes to be won.

  • Date: 16 September 2017
  • Time: 10am to 12pm
  • Location: Milnerton Lighthouse, Woodbridge Island, Milnerton
  • What to bring: Your own sunscreen, reusable water bottle and reusable gloves (and just a little bit of passion)

The first 100 Two Oceans Aquarium members to arrive will receive a free gift. A lucky draw with great prizes will be open to everyone attending on 16 September at Milnerton. Our mobile puppet show will be there after the cleanup, so bring your youngsters. Plus, the beach is awesome: have a fun day out and show the family why living in harmony with this treasure is so important.

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Make trash collecting fun with an awesome app

Download the Clean Swell app onto your phone before the cleanup and become a citizen scientist while you collect trash. This app will let you share your achievements, and also provide valuable data to the Ocean Conservancy’s research database.

Download it for Apple or Android.

Why support International Coastal Cleanup Day?

By joining us in on the 16th, you’ll be part of a team of 12 million volunteers who cherish our oceans across the world. You can make a difference in protecting our oceans.

Plastic pollution kills millions of animals each year, leaches toxins into our soil, ruins beautiful landscapes and destroys the natural heritage we should leave behind for our children. If we all work together, we can we make a huge impact.

A problem as big as plastic in the ocean requires a big response. Let’s do this!

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