Rafee'ah Ismail is part of the Two Oceans Aquarium Puppet Stories team. 

Reading to young children stimulates their senses and animates their imaginations as they explore new worlds through stories.

The teaching that takes place is not exclusive to the lesson being conveyed, but also aids the expansion of vocabulary, the broadening of general knowledge and the development of speech...

This is why, to accompany the Two Oceans Aquarium’s educational and entertaining travelling puppet shows, producer Marguerite Venter has written and illustrated colourful, interactive story books, which act as hardcopy replicas of the shows. Keep the Beach Clean, I Love Turtles and I Live Smart are also available in Afrikaans.

Our travelling puppet stories live on after the show with an accompanying book 

The story books allow for lesson repetition, so entrenching information and stimulating children’s powers of recollection. The books include fun activities for young readers and environmental tips for the whole family.

Having delivered puppet shows to hundreds of children over the past couple of years, Marguerite and I have witnessed first-hand the positive effect that seeing a show as well as owning the book has. It is so rewarding to listen and receive all their positive feedback, knowing that they understood the lesson and read the book.

We also enjoy seeing the little ones’ eyes sparkle with vivid memories and to see them completely enthralled by the tangibility of the story book. Their visual memories are put into action with the pictures and words, while their favourite characters come to life in the show.

You will find your child doing just that and more when you bring them to the Aquarium for one of three daily puppet shows, and then treat them to a book version of their favourite story. The benefits of reading a Puppet Story book to your child and doing fun activities that educate them about our oceans and conservation are obvious.

But don’t take our word for it. Go on, buy one at the Two Oceans Aquarium (or online, here - books to be collected at the Aquarium). 

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