When the doors of the Two Oceans Aquarium close to the public, a magical world stirs. Delicious feasts appear, props beyond your wildest imaginings are erected and the entire building takes on a new look and tone almost as if enchanted. Whatever corporate function or special event you can dream of, the magic of Cape Town's most unique venue can make it a reality.

Some say that the Aquarium elves make this magic happen, but we know the truth - our Functions Team are ready to cater for your every need. We know just how important it is to put the spark into your event.

Credit: Marguerite Chandler

Create a magical atmosphere

Magic can't happen just anywhere - the Aquarium is a special venue. Our in-house team are ready to transform the venue into anything you can imagine - no request is too daring!

Credit: Marguerite Chandler

Setting the mood for an amazing event to remember is our speciality, we'll make your vision a reality.

Credit: Marguerite Chandler

Setting a grand feast

Every wizard knows you can't party on an empty stomach! Our own chef and catering team know just how to delight your guests with a wonderful menu of your choosing.

Credit: Marguerite Chandler

Sustainable, delicious and good fuel for the rest of your incredible evening!

Hidden doors to a larger space

How do we fit so many people into the Aquarium? If your function needs to cater for a large number of people, have no fear - with the power of magic (and a few well-placed doors), the Aquarium can expand to incorporate The Avenue, the neighbouring conference venue.

Credit: Marguerite Chandler

With so much space to use, the possibilities are endless!

Credit: Marguerite Chandler

Let us entertain you

If you know what you want, the Functions Team can make it happen. Live musicians, acrobats or magicians - we are able to conjure up a variety of entertainment to make your event one never to be forgotten.

Want to see more of what our venue can transform into? Take a peek.

Credit: Devon Bowen/Two Oceans Aquarium

From dance floors to banquet halls - the Aquarium is ready to transform into your perfect venue.

Credit: Marguerite Chandler

Looking for more information about using the Two Oceans Aquarium's venue and having our Functions Team plan your perfect event? Enquire now at functions@aquarium.co.za or call 021 418 3823.

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