Helen Lockhart is the Communications and Sustainability Manager at the Two Oceans Aquarium. 

Photo courtesy Mdzananda Animal Clinic

Upon learning about the  Mdzananda Animal Clinic in 2015, we decided to “adopt” the organisation and assist them where we can.

Mdzananda has been caring for the pets and rescued animals of Khayelitsha and those further afield for over 21 years. From the humble beginnings in a shipping container with no water or electricity, the organisation now has a clinic and theatre, an emergency ambulance service, mobile clinics and mobile education units. They operate six days a week and see over 1 000 pets every month.

After giving so much – it is now everyone’s turn to help them. Despite their incredible achievements, Mdzananda Animal Clinic received some sad news – their largest donor is no longer able to contribute. 

You can help fill this void, and help the Clinic continue to make the lives of countless animals better. Sign up now to become a Paw Member – if just 3 000 people contribute R100 a month, Mdzananda will be able to help animals in need. Maybe those of you who already donate can increase your monthly contribution by a little bit – every cent counts! 

Here’s what your pawsome donation can help them accomplish:

  • R25 pm:     Flea and tick treatment for one pet
  • R50 pm:     Vaccination for one pet
  • R100 pm:   Food for one pet for one week
  • R200 pm:   Puppy / kitten’s three vital vaccinations and dewormers
  • R300 pm:   Food for one hospitalised patient per month
  • R450 pm:   Caring for one shelter pet per month
  • R500 pm:   One sterilisation
  • R1 000 pm: One orthopaedic surgery
Photo courtesy Mdzananda Animal Clinic

Why do we want to help Mdzananda?

You might be wondering why we would want to partner with an organisation that, on the face of it, has nothing to do with the environment, let alone the oceans. However, everything in the world in which we live is interconnected and interdependent. Everything we do on land affects the oceans in some way or another, so it makes sense to us to support an organisation whose mission and vision is aligned with ours. The Mdzananda Animal Clinic “strives to see a community that cares for every animal be it a pet, neighbour's pet, stray or farm animal. A community that loves animals is a healthy community. By looking after an animal people learn responsibility, respect for life, compassion and non-violence.”

Caring for the planet and for all of the beings with which we share this only home starts at home and in our schools and communities. If we can instill the ethics of responsibility, love, respect for all life and compassion in all our citizens, we have a better chance of ensuring a thriving and resilient planet for everyone, now and tomorrow. Healthy communities lead to healthy oceans which lead to a healthy planet.

What other ways can you help?

What if you want to be a donor but can’t afford to make a monthly contribution? There are many other ways you can make a difference:

Become an Awesome Paw

Become an Awesome Paw and help fundraise for Mdzananda Animal Clinic.

  • Puppy Paw: Kids raising funds / donations
  • Paw Pack: Groups / schools / clubs raising funds / donations
  • Paw Champion: An individual fundraising for us be it by hosting an event, running a race and being sponsored, doing a clothing sale - you can be creative

To become an Awesome Paw, contact info@mdzananda.co.za to register.

Photo courtesy Mdzananda Animal Clinic

Help with their wishlist or make a donation

Whether facing the cold of winter or heat of summer, the Mdzananda Animal Clinic is appealing for assistance and donations.

Their wishlist is long, but you can help them meet their needs by making a small contribution. Items ranging from newspapers and pet food to medical equipment and toys for the animals – please make a difference where you are able.

You can drop off any of these items at the Two Oceans Aquarium or make a donation to Mdzananda

Mdzananda Animal Clinic
Standard Bank
Account number: 075595710
Branch: Rondebosch
Branch Code: 025009
Reference: Your Name

Photo courtesy Mdzananda Animal Clinic
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